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Black and white photograph of the C&S Bank looking up Greenville Street towards the downtown square. Notice the sign for the Lee King Drugstore, a mainstay of the downtown area.

Employee conducting research in the Coweta County Superior Court Records.

Employee shows off the handwritten entries in a Coweta County Superior Court Criminal Docket.

New Justice of the Peace to Willie H. Kelley made by Coweta Probate Judge, Carl McKoy, left whose office handled marriage licenses in the 1904 Coweta County Courthouse.

Virginia Holbrook, clerk of Coweta County Superior Court, standing beside a stack of Mortgage Records books in the 1904 Coweta County Courthouse.

Volunteers conducting research for the Newnan National Register of Historic Places in the Superior Court deed records at the 1904 Court House. Third from left is Maurie Van Buren, historic planner who helped organize the nominations.

A slightly different mode of travel than school children see today these Coweta County school buses are shown parked at the Coweta County Courthouse in downtown Newnan in May 1938.
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