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Nixon Grove School was a one-room wooden building located between Senoia and Haralson. It was in operation from 1905 until about 1919. It served grades one through six. Note the school bell on top of the building.

Marcellus E. Washington, left, and his son Rufus Robert Edward Washington, right, were among the Coweta County folk of the 1800s. They are the maternal great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather of Tom Storey. The photo is provided by Mr. Storey's…

Miss Nonie Gable fondly remembers her musical talent of picking the guitar. Now at the age of 93, she is still alert and active and can tell many fascinating stories of times and changes.

This group of youngsters are school children from Haralson about 1928. This photo was made at the Lutheran Church. At front right are J.C. Tenney and Steve Tenney. The other children are not identified.

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The harvesting of trees is still big business in Coweta County, but these scenes show an operation more than 35 years ago. The top photo shows a load of logs cut near Haralson about 1948. The 1946 model truck was purchased by the late G.W. Skinner…
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