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This photo is of the Sunday School of Mt. Carmel Methodist Church in 1930. From left are, front, 1-Wayne Storey, 2-Ray Storey, 3-Ruth Spradlin, 4-Catherine Lyle, 5-Lorine Storey, 6-Dempsey Spiegel, 7-J.W. Storey; second row, 8-Lee McKoy, 9-Annie Mae…

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This scene shows students in the side yard of the Mt. Carmel School, which was located north of Welcome. The photograph, made in the early 1920's, is from the files of the Coweta County School System.

These youngsters are at a seventh grade graduation at Mt. Carmel School in 1926. LEft to right are Louis Austin Henson, Evelyn Boone Jordan, Lucy Mae Sitton Smith, Leon Story, Very Lettimer Dempsey, Ernestine Mulkey Payton and Lena Lattimer Murphy.…
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