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White Oak School, shown in this photo from the Coweta County Board of Education files, was built in 1902 on an acre of land given by A.P. Bowers and Joe Young. It was located near the present intersection of Haynie Road and Highway 54.

These students attended White Oak School in 1927-78. In the group are, from left, front, Mary Hand Aides, Pauline Jones Gann, Fannie Sue Drake, Nancy Chestnut, Bonnell Hunter; second row, Clyde Jones Otwell, Christine Drake Martin, Mary Westley…

Rhodes Johnson and Nancy Bowers (Johnson) are seated in the front seat of this new automobile in the yard at the old Bowers home in the White Oak Community, J.D. Johnson and Mary Hunter (Chestnut) are seated in the back.

These students are from the 1917 class at White Oak High School. The photograph is provided by Mrs. Mary Ella Bellamy of Luthersville, and among those in the picture is her mother, Mary Ella Bexley (Martin). The Newnan-Coweta Historical Society would…
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