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Employee conducting research in the Coweta County Superior Court Records.

Employee shows off the handwritten entries in a Coweta County Superior Court Criminal Docket.

New Justice of the Peace to Willie H. Kelley made by Coweta Probate Judge, Carl McKoy, left whose office handled marriage licenses in the 1904 Coweta County Courthouse.

Virginia Holbrook, clerk of Coweta County Superior Court, standing beside a stack of Mortgage Records books in the 1904 Coweta County Courthouse.

This photo from the 1940s shows Mr. Guy Cole of R.D. Cole Mfg. Co. Serving Barbecue to then Gov. Ellis Arnall and his late first wife Mildred during a function at the Newnan waterworks park. It is dated August 26, 1943. The photo is provided by Ed…

Taken at a swearing-in ceremony about 1945, this photo shows members of the Grantville City Council. From left are B.C. Plant, O.E. Smith, Mayor C.S. Smith, Donald Banks and Bill Jeter.

The men in this photograph from about 1941 or 1942 were officials from the old Coweta County Work Camp when it was located on property on the Carrollton Highway near Hospital Road - land now built up with retail businesses in and around Westside…

The people in this photo were the Coweta County Selective Service Board in about 1944. The draft board office was located in the Newnan Municipal Building, where the picture was made. From left are, front, R.L. Austin, Wilber Johnson, John Robinson,…

This gathering in the Handy community is a political fish fry in the summer of 1893 for Newnan attorney, William Y. Atkinson, then in the midst of his campaign for governor of Georgia. It was hosted by W.L. Crowder near Handy Crossroads. Atkinson is…

This group of gentlemen are members of the Sharpsburg Town Council at a meeting, probably in the late 1940's, at the old Bridges and Cole Store. The store remained the center of activity in Sharpsburg until recent years, when renovation of the…

CCR 1985.11.12.jpg
This view of the old Coweta County jail building on East Broad Street is from a small album entitled "Sixteen Views of Newnan, Ga.," which was published by the J.F. Lee Drug Co. in Newnan. The album was given to Mrs. Mary Parks by Mrs. Earlie Mae…

CCR 1985.08.01.jpg
I.N. Orr, Sr. once served as Newnan's mayor. He is shown in this photograph with his family. From left are, front, Dora Johnson Orr, I.N. Orr, Sr., Mrs. Syl Orr (former Anniee Freeman); second row, Paul Orr, Frank Orr; third row, Ben Orr, Bob Orr,…

CCR 1985.05.09.jpg
While on an outing to obtain a photograph of the boulder which marks the site of the lost town of Bullsboro for the "Coweta County Chronicles," this photograph was made of Mrs. Mary Gibson Jones. Founded in 1826, Bullsboro was Coweta County's first…

CCR 1985.02.07_watermarketed.jpg
This old courthouse was built in 1829 by Captain William Hitchcock. The clock tower was added while A.J. Lyndon was in office in the 1880's. Notice the well in the center foreground.
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