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Black and white photograph of the old Kroger grocery store building before construction of new C&S Bank location on Greenville Street and Spring Street. Photograph taken c. 1957

Color photograph of a boy sitting in Santa's lap. No date.

Black and White photograph of employees in front of Christmas Tree.

Black and white photograph of employees in front of large Christmas Tree with a Santa Clause figure in the center. Photo taken c. 1955-1960

Black and white photograph of bank employees posing in front of the lobby Christmas Tree, c. 1955-1960.

Black and White photograph of bank employees in front of large Christmas wreath in lobby of bank branch, c. 1955-1960.

Black and White photograph of branch employees in front of Christmas Tree in the lobby of the bank.

Black and white photograph of bank employee's children posing in front of a Christmas Tree inside the bank lobby. Dated December 1979.

Black and white photograph of children posing with Santa Clause at the bank branch located on Greenville Street in downtown Newnan. Photograph was taken by Bob Shapiro Photography in 1984.

Wanda Stegall employee of the Office of Public Relations, West Georgia College, Carrollton, GA

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Mr. and Mrs. Roy Allen, of Dayton, Ohio, formally of Newnan, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception on February 20, 1982. The Allen's have seven children, 13 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Nora Sewell celebrates her birthday

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Mrs. Fannie Brown celebrates her birthday

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State Kiwanis Officers participate in meeting. Third from left is Allyn Bell, a long time Coweta County School System principal and member of the Newnan Kiwanis Club.

Golden Age Club Plans Bazaar

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Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Grant celebrate their anniversary

Lois Ware, long time Coweta County School Food Service Worker retires.

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Photograph of Mary A. Lovelace Stegall, used for her obituary

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Gathering of residents and community members in the pavilion off Boone Drive at Newnan Public Housing apartments.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tarleton celebrating their wedding anniversary

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These costumed people were in a historical pageant which was presented in the second-floor auditorium of the Carnegie Library Building at West Broad and LaGrange Streets on the Court Square. The date of the event is unknown. Among those shown are…

This group of women formed the Sarah Hall Ladies' Missionary Society at Central Baptist Church in 194, when Mrs. Karl Nixon (the former Mary Glover) was president. The picture is from a group of photos provided by Mrs. Winnie Glover Klein, the late…

This photo provided by Herbert Ozmore of Newnan shows a group of well-known, Newnan men on a fishing trip to Florida. One of the members of the group, Walter Sanders, provided the identification for the photo. Left to right are Lamar Potts, sheriff…

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Pictured in her wedding gown is Annie Ruth Boynton upon her marriage in the early 1900s to Robert Watson. Mrs. Watson was the aunt of Mrs. Barney (Ruth Boynton) Boers. The gown and hat were made by Mrs. William (Sallie Sewell) Copeland, daughter of…

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These young friends spent many happy days swimming at a former popular recreation spot in Coweta County known as Pearl Lake. The lake at a place once known as Pearl Spring off U.S. Highway 29 south of Newnan is now privately-owned and closed to the…

George Boswell and his wife Sophia lived their lives in the Moreland area, having married in October 1874 and raising 11 children. A son, Steve, lived only to his teenage years; but 10 other children provided a total of 88 grandchildren. Their other…

These youngsters are gathered at the old Swinton Hotel in Newnan for the fifth birthday party of Dr. Thomas C. Graham in 1939. From left are, front, first child unknown, Fanny Jones Glover, Tommy Glover, Mary Jane Hancock, fifth unknown, Lindy beers,…

Posing in this automobile in 1922 or 1923 is Mary McMichael (Borders). The photograph, provided by Mrs. Borders, was made in from of her house at Pearl Lake south of Newnan on U.S. Highway 29.

This photo from the 1940s shows Mr. Guy Cole of R.D. Cole Mfg. Co. Serving Barbecue to then Gov. Ellis Arnall and his late first wife Mildred during a function at the Newnan waterworks park. It is dated August 26, 1943. The photo is provided by Ed…

Families of workers from Southern Mills are gathered for this photo made in 1942, provided by Charles F. Welden. Mr. Welden remembered a number of people scattered through the group. In addition to Charles Welden and Dorothy Welden they include:…

This group of young Coweta County citizens are gathered for an 1890s picnic at Wahoo Creek near Sargent. The names of the couple cannot be identified, although it is known that Howard Clover and a young woman named Mary Goodrum (or possibly Goodwyn)…

This early family portrait of the Ragsdale family of Turin was made about 1900. Shown left to right are William Claborne Ragsdale, Robert Hunter Ragsdale, Arbisena Hunter Ragsdale, Mary Ragsdale Neely and John Baxter Ragsdale.

Members of the Summers family were gathered at Pearl Spring Park near Newnan in 1910 when this photo was made. It is provided by Louise Summers. She is one of seven children of John Dawson Summers and Annie Claude Blalock Summers, who married August…

This holiday scene shows a Newnan Kiwanis Club Christmas banquet in the 1940s at the old Swinton Hotel. Around the center table are, clockwise from front left, Roy Brown, Frank Thompson, Rebecca Thompson, Hamp Smith Sr., Rubye Smith, Bessie Starnes,…

Gathered on the steps of their home on Jefferson Street are members of the Thomas Gholston Farmer family, from left, front, Hugh A. Farmer Sr., Thomas G. Farmer Jr., T.G. Farmer Sr., Sallie Faver Farmer (holding T.G. Hamilton), Nannie Cliff Farmer…

These youngsters in a photo from about 1912 are the children of Effie and Percy Smith. They are shown seated on the front steps of the house which Mr. Smith built on Depot Street in Sharpsburg. The house is still standing and is now the home of Mrs.…

This young man and wife married in the 1930s of Coweta County are shown during their honeymoon. Hewlette Carter Murphy and Lena Latimer were married June 20, 1937 at the Coweta Circuit Parsonage on East Broad Street. Mt. Carmel Methodist was Miss…

These festive young people are gathered to the street of Sharpsburg during the summer of about 1910. This photograph is from the photo album of Louise Gearreld Wynn, who is pictured at the top of the group and it was provided by Georgia Shapiro.…

Erastus W. Landers, born on March 16, 1884, in Tyron, Chattoga, Co., Ga., was married April 27, 1904, in Newnan to Frances Almeady Chaffin of Randolph Co., Alabama. They moved to Coweta County around 1960, where Erastus lived until his death in 1965.…

This scene from the early 1900s shows, standing right, Archie Preston Robinson, father of the late Mrs. Ruth M. Robinson Landers, and friends, seated leftm Bob Carmichael and, standing center, Jett Smith, step-father of the late Mrs. Vada Shinn…

This 1928 photo, from Grace L. Powers shows some of her Coweta County ancestors. Seated is Sarah Ella Crumbley Robinson and standing are her brother Frank Crumbley, left, and her half-brother Bill Crumbley, right. Sara Robinson is the mother of the…

These young women pose in the Camp Peach Orchard in Moreland in 1936. From left are, Ruby Carolyn Camp Mills, Mary Willie Bowen Banks, Ida Lee Ellis, Elsie Mann Farmer, Catherine Poole Reding and Billie Camp Embry. The two Camp girls are from the…

This 1899 family portrait shows the William Walker Camp family. It was made on the porch of the William Drane Leigh house, which was located on the south side of Roscor Road at the intersection of Hospital Road. A picture of the house was published…

An automobile in 1910? No! This picture was made in a photographer's studio in Newnan in 1910, using an automobile as a prop setting. Notice the canvas painting backdrop. Seated in the center, with the cigar, is William Norman Teasley Camp. At the…

This photo shows the Dan Broadwater family in 1909. From left are, front, Thelma Broadwater Duncan, Beulah Broadwater Pate holding Emily Pate Byram, Dan Broadwater holding Charlie Pate, Laura Brodwater standing, Darthula McClendon Broadwater with…

This photo was made in Turin, Georgia, probably on a hot summer afternoon in the 1920s. Neither the exact location nor the people can be identified.

Posed for a portrait, probably made in the early 1890s, is the Fletcher Moreland Stamps family of Turin. Seated are, left center, Fletcher Moreland Stamps, born December 19, 1841; and right, Mary Ann Roberts Stamps, born July 10, 1844. Standing at…

A family photo of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Barron and the eldest six of their children was published in the February 2, 1988, edition of the Times-Herald. This photo shows the younger six children born after the first photo was taken. It was made about 1917…

Even if there is not much snow in Coweta County, youngsters always make the best of what does fall. In the scene at top, several little boys in Newnan show off their Southern-style snowballs filled with leaves about 1928 or 1929. They are shown in a…

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The family of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Barron is shown in this photo made around 1901 by Mr. S. Frank Jackson, who was a relative and a photographer. The photo is provided by Harold Barron, who said it was made at the foot of West Washington Street at the…
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