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Oneta Smith (Mrs. Joe Hall) is shown standing on the railroad tracks near the Sharpsburg depot. All of the buildings shown no longer exist on Depot Street in Sharpsburg. The station sign always read "Sharpsboro," but the U.S. Post Office sign read…

Lowery "Rat" Welch is pictured in his modified version of the T-Model Ford automobile which he named the "Jazz Wagon." The scene is Greenville Street in 1923, during the Roaring Twenties.

This photo shows Peek's Crossing, one of several train "whistle stops" located throughout Coweta County. Train passengers waved the trains to a stop at the little stations. World War II soldiers remember boarding the train at Peek's Crossing as the…

This interior view of Hutchinson Motor Company in Senoia is the second of two photographs provided by J.B. Hutchinson Jr. and his sister, Eleanor H. Smith. An exterior view was published October 1. The automobile dealership was operated by J.B.…

The Ford automobile dealership in Senoia was operated by Hutchinson Motor Company on Main Street from 1928 until 1947. It was owned by J.B. Hutchinson, Sr. During the years of World War II, civilian automobiles were unavailable; so Mr. Hutchinson…

Located on the Chattahoochee River near the Handy Community, Bowen's Ferry was transportation across the flowing water in the old days. Because of a drought in the summer of 1898, the river was so low the ferry could not cross. Efforts were made to…

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A slightly different mode of travel than school children see today these Coweta County school buses are shown parked at the Coweta County Courthouse in downtown Newnan in May 1938.
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