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School days are almost here for Coweta County youngsters. This scene shows a sixth grade class of the former Temple Avenue School in Newnan, probably in the early 1900s although the exact date is known. This photograph was obtained by Frank Bezenah,…

Players on a Newnan High Baseball team are shown in the picture on this postcard obtained recently by Frank Bezenah. The Newnan-Coweta Historical Society is seeking the names of the players and the year in which the photograph was taken. Anyone with…

This photo was made in Turin, Georgia, probably on a hot summer afternoon in the 1920s. Neither the exact location nor the people can be identified.

This impressive wooden structure thought to be the Haralson School does not fit the description given in "Coweta School Days" by the Honor's Program of Central High School published in 1985.The Newnan-Coweta Historical Society hopes readers will be…

CCR 1985.10.29.jpg
The identities of these people and the location of the building are a mystery.

CCR 1985.09.24.jpg
This old photograph was in surprisingly good condition after being discovered in the wall of the old J.W. Cole home in Moreland. It was found when the new owners, Jerry and Diane Evans, were doing restoration work on the house. No on in Moreland is…

CCR 1985.08.08.jpg
The people gathered in this photo are unidentified.


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