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Mr. and Mrs. Roy Allen, of Dayton, Ohio, formally of Newnan, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception on February 20, 1982. The Allen's have seven children, 13 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Grant celebrate their anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tarleton celebrating their wedding anniversary

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Pictured in her wedding gown is Annie Ruth Boynton upon her marriage in the early 1900s to Robert Watson. Mrs. Watson was the aunt of Mrs. Barney (Ruth Boynton) Boers. The gown and hat were made by Mrs. William (Sallie Sewell) Copeland, daughter of…

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This young man and wife married in the 1930s of Coweta County are shown during their honeymoon. Hewlette Carter Murphy and Lena Latimer were married June 20, 1937 at the Coweta Circuit Parsonage on East Broad Street. Mt. Carmel Methodist was Miss…

Almost every married couple has a photograph to remember the people taking part in their wedding ceremony - and this wedding party is especially large by anyone's estimation. The event was the wedding of Virginia Glover to Edmund Francis Cook at…

As the traditional "wedding season" gets underway, this photo gives a glimpse of a large triple wedding in the McColhum community off what is now U.S. Highway 29 in northern Coweta County. The wedding ceremony, which took place in August 1905, was…
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