Young Faces from 1921

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Young Faces from 1921


First Graders, Temple Avenue Grammar School, 1921


These youngsters were first graders in 1921 at the old Temple Avenue Grammar School in Newnan. It stood on land now occupied by the Newnan City Park at Temple Avenue and Jackson Street. This picture was taken at the high school on Temple Avenue because more room was needed for the large group. From left are, front, 1-Unknown, 2-Unknown, 3-Lurline Amis, 4-Unknown, 5-Annie Barnes, 6-Helen Thomas, 7-Catherine Barber, 8-Gresham Wood, 9-Unknown, 10-Henry Saxon and 11-Richard Hubbard; second row, 12-Bill Barron, 13-James Cassell, 14-Dan Lovern, 15-Myrth Cole, 16-Lula Turner, 17-Everett Nolen; third row, 18-Lena Zaiden, 19-Edna Cannon, 20-Emma Orr, 21-Unknown, 22-Unknown, 23-Katie Hardy, 24-Mina Billingsley, 25-Carolyn Glover, 26-Malcolm Leach, 27-Raymond Williams, 28-Pendleton Brewster, 29-Frank Hudson, 30-David Reese, 31-Taft Mansour, and 32-Bill Lee; fourth row, 33-Unknown, 34-Unknown, 35-Unknown, 36-Unknown, 37-Ruth Blackburn, 38-Unknown, 39-John Wilkinson, 40-Unknown, 41-Lawson Street, 42-Unknown; fifth row, 43-Inez Manning, 44-Unknown, 45-Abby Zaiden, 46-Unknon, 47-Unknown, 48-Isabel Pate, 49-Unknown, 50-Manell Ball, 51-Jennie Hardegree, 52-Unknown; sixth row, 53-Anne Jones, 54-Ella Parks, 55-Fannie Cole Jackson, 56-Frances Spivey, 57-Unknown; seventh row, 58-Frances Floyd, 59-Glenn Norton, 60-Unknown, 61-Unknown, 62-Unknown, 63-Unknown, 64-John Thomas Millians, 65-R.D. Overby, 66-Unknown. The teacher in back is 67-Miss Flora Pickett.


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CCR 1987.01.13

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