The Baileys of Raymond

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The Baileys of Raymond


The Baileys of Raymond


The two young girls in the photo at left are Wylie Dee Bailey, left, and Evelyn Bailey of Raymond, Georgia. This and the other family photo are provided by a niece, Wyndolyn Wright Allen, and Wyllie Dee Bailey.
Miss Wyllie Dee Bailey was 77 on November 29, 1986, so the picture was probably made about 1916 or 1917.
The girls are the children of William "Will" Bailey and Cora Bailey. The Bailey family included six girls in all - Wyllie Dee, Evelyn, Lottye, Marian, Juanita and Marshall - all of whom were born and reared in Raymond.
The photo at right shows Cora Bailey's mother, Debbie Addy, and brother Joel Addy.
According to Mrs. Allen, Will Bailey was known as the right-hand man of Rob and Laulie Sheddon, landowners in the Raymond community. Will was general overseer of the Shedden's large home, known as the Bungalow, and served as rent collector from rental property in the area, as carpenter and as chauffeur. Mrs. Allen is the daughter of the two pictured girls' sister, Marian. Evelyn married James Dennis, and they had two children, James and Gerald Dennis. James Dennis, Sr. is still living and resides in Buffalo, New York.
Of the six Bailey children, only Miss Wyllie Bailey and her sister, Juanita, are still living, Mrs. Allen Said. Juanita lives in Ohio.


Newnan Times-Herald


c. 1916


Wyndolyn Wright Allen and Wyllie Dee Bailey


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