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Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tarleton celebrating their wedding anniversary

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This old photograph shows the interior of Ellis Mansour's Department Store in 1918 on the Court Square in a building later occupied by Hamilton and Company. According to a brief history in the Newnan Times-Herald Centennial Magazine, the dry goods…

Black and white photograph of children posing with Santa Clause at the bank branch located on Greenville Street in downtown Newnan. Photograph was taken by Bob Shapiro Photography in 1984.

Black and white photograph of bank employee's children posing in front of a Christmas Tree inside the bank lobby. Dated December 1979.

Black and White photograph of branch employees in front of Christmas Tree in the lobby of the bank.

Black and White photograph of bank employees in front of large Christmas wreath in lobby of bank branch, c. 1955-1960.

Black and white photograph of bank employees posing in front of the lobby Christmas Tree, c. 1955-1960.

Black and white photograph of employees in front of large Christmas Tree with a Santa Clause figure in the center. Photo taken c. 1955-1960

Black and White photograph of employees in front of Christmas Tree.

Color photograph of a boy sitting in Santa's lap. No date.

Black and white photograph of the old Kroger grocery store building before construction of new C&S Bank location on Greenville Street and Spring Street. Photograph taken c. 1957

Black and white photograph taken of the re-construction of the old Kroger store building. Photograph was taken on the rooftop of the old Post Office building.

Black and white photograph of nearly completed C&S bank located on Greeville Street and Spring Street in downtown Newnan.

Black and white photograph of the completed C&S Bank branch on corner of Greenville Street and Spring Street.

Black and white photograph of the C&S Bank looking up Greenville Street towards the downtown square. Notice the sign for the Lee King Drugstore, a mainstay of the downtown area.

This photograph of the Central Baptist Church in Newnan was taken before the Carnegie Library building was constructed. It was included in a small booklet, "Sixteen Views of Newnan, Ga.," published by j.F. Lee Drug Co. in the early 1900s. This photo…

This view of Greenville Street in Newnan was included in a booklet, "Sixteen Views of Newnan, Ga.," published by j.F. Lee Drug Co. in the early 1900s. This photo is provided by Mrs. Mary Parks, who received the booklet from Earlie Mae Hall.

This country band, photographed by Mr. Tarpley of Newnan in 1938, played when Sid Camp made his first run for U.S. Congress. In the photo, provided by Horace Wallace via H.G. Bass, are, from left, front, Gordon Bass, Otis Reynolds; back, Ben…

This theatre bill for the Alamo in downtown Newnan was for the week beginning Dec. 11, probably around 1921 or 1922. The movie "The Sheik" noted on the bill was released in 1921, according to Herb Bridges of the Newnan-Coweta Historical Society. The…

This photo from Christine Floyd Evans shows the Luther Floyd family in about 1941. The group includes, from left, front row, Dorothy McDonald Tomlinson, (mother) Mrs. Luther Floyd holding first grandchild Richard Edwin Floyd, Frances F. Brittain;…

The Carmical-Johnson family of the Turin area of Coweta County is pictured on a morning in January 1898. From left are, front row, outside fence, Margaret (Peggy) Hunter Carmical (Granny), Joseph Egbert Johnson - standing (Joe). Egbert Daniel Johnson…

Mary Johnson (Shell) and Leroy H. Johnson are pictured in 1919 at the home-place of their parents, Nancy B. and Rhodes H. Johnson in Turin, Ga. Note the Delco Light System sign on the tree above the children. Mr. Johnson remembers that it was a…

Black and white photograph of the old Kroger store during demolition. The sign for the Piggly Wiggly was found underneath the Kroger sign.

Black and white photograph of the careful demolition of the old Kroger store located at the corner of Greenville Street and Spring Street. Photograph was taken by Norman Studios on April 23, 1956

Black and white photograph from the back of the new C&S Bank location on the corner of Greenville Street and Spring Street in downtown Newnan. Photo was taken by Norman Studios on April 11, 1956

Black and white photograph of the back view of the new C&S Bank during demolition. Notice the R.D. Cole Manufacturing Company's water tower in the background.

The Newnan High School 1910 graduating class was quite a bit smaller than the hundreds who will graduate next Monday night. In this photo are the graduates and their teachers. Following the numbers, beginning at top right and going down, are 1.…

These individual graduation portraits and view of the Newnan public school are from a composite made by photographer S. Fowler in 1914. The picture was brought to the Male Academy Museum, and the provider is unknown. The building, later known as the…

The family of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Barron is shown in this photo made around 1901 by Mr. S. Frank Jackson, who was a relative and a photographer. The photo is provided by Harold Barron, who said it was made at the foot of West Washington Street at the…

This 1889 photo shows a family before the turn of the century. Seated are George Hiram Martin, left, and his wife Nancy McDonald Martin. Standing at right beside his mother is George Thomas Martin. In the father's lap is McDonald Martin, and in the…

As the traditional "wedding season" gets underway, this photo gives a glimpse of a large triple wedding in the McColhum community off what is now U.S. Highway 29 in northern Coweta County. The wedding ceremony, which took place in August 1905, was…

Shown are three young men of Sharpsburg, probably on their early 20s, about the turn the century. From left are George T. Smith, Charles A. Williams and James Augustus "Gus" Bridges. The photograph was probably made about 1900 by S.F. Jackson, a…

These cousins posed for a group picture at the S.F. Jackson studio in Newnan about 1904. Jim Boswell, center, and Lelia Boswell Smith, right, are brother and sister, children of George and Sophia Boswell of Moreland. Their cousin at left is Myrtle…

These youngsters from the turn of the century appear as though they cloud be dressed in their best Easter finery, like Coweta County residents will be for the holiday this weekend. The children in the photograph are Wilson Bowers, seated in front;…

CCR 1985.12.24.jpg
This photo shows Newnan First United Methodist Church under construction. Notice the flag on the top of the steeple and the workmen standing there. Providing the scene was Henry Chapman.

CCR 1985.08.13.jpg
Among old photographs found in files at the Coweta County Board of Education was this view of students who won awards at the literary and athletic competitions in Newnan May 2, 1939. The winners were photographed on the Coweta County Courthouse steps…

Among Coweta County Schools of the past was Starr High, located in the Sharpsburg-Turin area. This group of students from Starr High attended a Coweta County literary and athletic competition on May 2, 1939, in Newnan and were photographed on the…

CCR 1985.06.04.jpg
An interesting product of the old R.D. Cole Manufacturing Company in Newnan are these sections of riveted steel creosote cylinders. Four sections weighed 100,000 pounds each, and this tank required three standard railroad flat cars for loading. The…

Crystal Lawson
Left to right: Herman Fletcher (Principal of O.P. Evans Middle School), Crystal Lawson, and unknown.

Byron Mathews, Coweta County Juvenile Court Judge, discussing the Great Seal of Georgia at a local meeting. Judge Mathews wrote a book about the McCook-Stoneman Raid.


Coweta County Probate Judge Carl McKoy, right, presenting a local child with her "Certificate of Live Birth" in order for her to be ready for kindergarten. Photograph taken inside the Probate Offices in the 1904 Coweta Court House.


Volunteers conducting research for the Newnan National Register of Historic Places in the Superior Court deed records at the 1904 Court House. Third from left is Maurie Van Buren, historic planner who helped organize the nominations.

Virginia Holbrook, clerk of Coweta County Superior Court, standing beside a stack of Mortgage Records books in the 1904 Coweta County Courthouse.

Youngsters named as King and Queen at the Haralson Head Start Center


David Boyd, Sr., was featured guest speaker of the Senoia Lions Club held February 8, 1982. Boyd discussed the difficulties and enjoyment of political caricatures, and described how he got into the business of political cartooning. Boyd, left,…

Willie P. Mitchell was a prominent Coweta County figure in Civil Rights

Winners in the older "Junior" division of the annual 4-H Talent Show Monday night at the Newnan Municipal Auditorium were, left to right, front, second place winners Roderick Almond, Sherrah Harrison and Anthony Williams for a song routine and third…

New Justice of the Peace to Willie H. Kelley made by Coweta Probate Judge, Carl McKoy, left whose office handled marriage licenses in the 1904 Coweta County Courthouse.

Volunteers from Moreland Baptist Church. Left to right: Administrator Carolyn Stender, members of Moreland Baptist W.M.U. - Mrs. Betty Johnson, Mrs. Nettie Johnson, Miss Katherine Davis (President), Mrs. Iris Holmes. Other members not pictured: Mrs.…

Jonsey Mullally, longtime librarian at Newnan Carnegie Library downtown. Here she appears to be discussing the Wayne P. Sewell Producing Company. Wayne P. Sewell and his wife, Hettie Jane Dunaway, developed Dunaway Gardens near Roscoe in north Coweta…
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