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CCR 1986.07.15.jpg
In earlier days, it was typical for many of the parishioners at Elim Baptist Church to come to the adjacent Crowder home for a big Sunday Dinner. This scene depicts a group on the front porch of the historic home after such a meal. Left to right are,…

CCR 1985.12.31.jpg
These people are taking part in a Baptism by Elim Baptist Church at Wayland Lyle's pond in 1944. The Rev. Glen Waldrop was pastor at the time. Some of the people have been identified in the photo. From left are, unidentified, unidentified, Beulah…

CCR 1985.10.17.jpg
An old fashioned homecoming is a tradition at Elim Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in Coweta County. This photograph shows the crowd at the Elim homecoming on August 30, 1936. Many improvements and changes have been seen around the Handy…
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