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Jonsey Mullally, longtime librarian at Newnan Carnegie Library downtown. Here she appears to be discussing the Wayne P. Sewell Producing Company. Wayne P. Sewell and his wife, Hettie Jane Dunaway, developed Dunaway Gardens near Roscoe in north Coweta…

The Carnegie Library and auditorium and the Central Baptist Church in the background are shown in this photograph of downtown Newnan from the early 1900s. Notice the unimproved streets with stepping stones and the old street light hanging overhead.

CCR 1987.03.17.jpg
This young group of actors performed in a children's play presented at the auditorium over the Carnegie Library in downtown Newnan about 1922. From left are, front, Bill Lee, Sally Cook, Jimmy Williams, Patsy Woodroof (standing), Lamar Smith and Dot…
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