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The Coweta County Courthouse has been a favorite scene for photographers over the years, and it has appeared on a number of postcards. James D. Ferguson shares these scenes from two early postcards, along with some information on postcard dating. At…

The Carnegie Library and auditorium and the Central Baptist Church in the background are shown in this photograph of downtown Newnan from the early 1900s. Notice the unimproved streets with stepping stones and the old street light hanging overhead.

This early scene of Newnan from Herb Bridges' collection shows Washington Street looking west. All of the homes shown have been removed since that time. Notice the wide, unpaved street.

This view of Greenville Street in Newnan was included in a booklet, "Sixteen Views of Newnan, Ga.," published by j.F. Lee Drug Co. in the early 1900s. This photo is provided by Mrs. Mary Parks, who received the booklet from Earlie Mae Hall.

This photograph of the Central Baptist Church in Newnan was taken before the Carnegie Library building was constructed. It was included in a small booklet, "Sixteen Views of Newnan, Ga.," published by j.F. Lee Drug Co. in the early 1900s. This photo…

The Grantville Public School building shown in a postcard, top, from Thomas A. Glanton, former principal, was actually the third building. Constructed in 1937, it had nine classrooms for 11 grades. Grades eight and nine were combined for home room,…

CCR 1985.03.21.jpg
The home of Dr. A.B. Calhoun on Greenville Street was built in the 1850s. It was constructed of brick handmade by slaves. The home was being demolished in 1955 to make way for the Greenville Street Shopping Center.

CCR 1985.02.28.jpg
This house was located on the northeast corner of College and West Washington Streets in Newnan. It was the home of Judge John Ray from 1838 to 1868, when it was sold to Dr. J.H. Hall. Another view of this house may be seen in the "Centennial…
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