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Black and white photograph of the C&S Bank looking up Greenville Street towards the downtown square. Notice the sign for the Lee King Drugstore, a mainstay of the downtown area.

Black and white photograph of the completed C&S Bank branch on corner of Greenville Street and Spring Street.

Black and white photograph of nearly completed C&S bank located on Greeville Street and Spring Street in downtown Newnan.

Black and white photograph taken of the re-construction of the old Kroger store building. Photograph was taken on the rooftop of the old Post Office building.

Black and white photograph of the back view of the new C&S Bank during demolition. Notice the R.D. Cole Manufacturing Company's water tower in the background.

Black and white photograph from the back of the new C&S Bank location on the corner of Greenville Street and Spring Street in downtown Newnan. Photo was taken by Norman Studios on April 11, 1956

Black and white photograph of the careful demolition of the old Kroger store located at the corner of Greenville Street and Spring Street. Photograph was taken by Norman Studios on April 23, 1956

Black and white photograph of the old Kroger store during demolition. The sign for the Piggly Wiggly was found underneath the Kroger sign.

Black and white photograph of the old Kroger grocery store building before construction of new C&S Bank location on Greenville Street and Spring Street. Photograph taken c. 1957

Color photograph of a boy sitting in Santa's lap. No date.

Black and White photograph of employees in front of Christmas Tree.

Black and white photograph of employees in front of large Christmas Tree with a Santa Clause figure in the center. Photo taken c. 1955-1960

Black and white photograph of bank employees posing in front of the lobby Christmas Tree, c. 1955-1960.

Black and White photograph of bank employees in front of large Christmas wreath in lobby of bank branch, c. 1955-1960.

Black and White photograph of branch employees in front of Christmas Tree in the lobby of the bank.

Black and white photograph of bank employee's children posing in front of a Christmas Tree inside the bank lobby. Dated December 1979.

Black and white photograph of children posing with Santa Clause at the bank branch located on Greenville Street in downtown Newnan. Photograph was taken by Bob Shapiro Photography in 1984.

These youngsters are gathered at the old Swinton Hotel in Newnan for the fifth birthday party of Dr. Thomas C. Graham in 1939. From left are, front, first child unknown, Fanny Jones Glover, Tommy Glover, Mary Jane Hancock, fifth unknown, Lindy beers,…

The South court square in downtown Newnan is shown in this photograph taken in the 1950s and which gives a fine view of the architectural design of the buildings.

These Newnan Men are gathered in front of the former store operated by H.C. Glover downtown. The store was located on the northeast corner of Spring and Greenville Streets, across Spring from the Post Office building. In the photo made about 1910…

Taylor's Barber Shop was located on East Broad Street in the space now occupied by the MONY firm. This photo is provided by Paul B. Ferrell who was a barber at the shop. In front of the shop are, from left, an unidentified shoe shine boy, barbers…

The cornerstone for the first brick building of the Newnan First Methodist Episcopal Church was laid on August 25, 1874. Two views of the old church building are shown in these photographs. The church, the congregation of which is now Newnan First…

The Coweta County Courthouse has been a favorite scene for photographers over the years, and it has appeared on a number of postcards. James D. Ferguson shares these scenes from two early postcards, along with some information on postcard dating. At…

This early photograph of downtown Newnan features the corner of Greenville Street and South Court Square, looking south. The Southern School of Telegraphy was located on the upper floors of this building, and Miss Ella Turner, Fine Millinery,…

The Carnegie Library and auditorium and the Central Baptist Church in the background are shown in this photograph of downtown Newnan from the early 1900s. Notice the unimproved streets with stepping stones and the old street light hanging overhead.

This early scene of Newnan from Herb Bridges' collection shows Washington Street looking west. All of the homes shown have been removed since that time. Notice the wide, unpaved street.

This view of Greenville Street in Newnan was included in a booklet, "Sixteen Views of Newnan, Ga.," published by j.F. Lee Drug Co. in the early 1900s. This photo is provided by Mrs. Mary Parks, who received the booklet from Earlie Mae Hall.

This scene is of Ragland Hardware Company in downtown Newnan about 1928. Harold Ragland, standing at center, was the owner of the building on Greenville Street. At left behind the counter is W.T. Herrin, father of Mrs. Glover Sewell who provided this…

This unusual view of Jackson Street in downtown Newnan, looking south, was featured on an early picture post card which was postmarked in 1915.

This postcard scene of the Murray Warehouse Block building just off the Court Square on West Washington Street. The postcard listed the address as 2450 West Washington, about which Pinson is surprised because he started Newnan Electric Company in…

This picture post card presents a fine view of the west side of the court square in the early 1900s. The dime store building in the foreground later became the Alamo Theatre and is now being refurbished. Notice the Carnegie Library in the background…

Lowery "Rat" Welch is pictured in his modified version of the T-Model Ford automobile which he named the "Jazz Wagon." The scene is Greenville Street in 1923, during the Roaring Twenties.

Downtown Newnan of the early 1900s is shown in this photograph. The view is from Jefferson Street looking south toward East Court Square in the years before the monument to Confederate soldiers in the War Between the States was moved. The monument…

These scenes show the "before and after" of the Magnet Building at LaGrange and Spring Streets in downtown Newnan at the time of a remodeling in 1947 and 1948. The top photo shows the building while the remodeling work was going on in 1947. The…

This crowd was gathered for the opening of a new self-service grocery started by the H.C. Arnall Merchandise Company on April 17, 1929. The photo, a companion to another published in this feature April 21, 1987, is provided y Dorsey Beavers, present…

CCR 1987.04.21.jpg
Dorsey Bowers provided this interior view of the new self-service grocery store opened by the H.C. Arnall Merchandise Company April 17, 1929. The company had moved from what is now the Kessler's building to the former Burdett warehouse building on…

CCR 1987.03.24.jpg
This view of Lee-King Drugstore in downtown Newnan on East Court Square is from about 1914. The scene is from a post card provided by J.B. Newman. Note the awning that was rolled down when the sunlight came from the west in the afternoons. The store…

This Miller family photo was taken at the old Jim Powell home on Greenville Street about 1901. The home is now used as a church, according to Artie Storey, who submitted the picture for her husband Tom Storey's great aunt, Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie"…

CCR 1986.10.07.jpg
This scene of harvested cotton being brought to market is on the north side of the Newnan Court Square in the 1920s. Automobiles can be seen among the loaded wagons. The spire of the First Baptist Church on West Washington Street can be seen in the…

The T.G. Farmer and Sons General Merchandise Store was the original occupant of the building at 15 Jefferson St., at the corner of Madison Street, that now houses the Newnan Times-Herald offices. The building dates from 1914, and the T.G. Farmer sign…

This view of the old Olympia Hotel in Newnan is from 1900. The structure was located on Greenville Street, on the present site of the Newnan Post Office and Federal Building.

CCR 1986.08.05.jpg
This view of Downtown Newnan shows the east side of the Court Square looking north about 1910. In the distance is the Virginia House building, which still stands at the corner of East Washington Street and Jefferson.

This photo shows the interior of one of Newnan's old stores, Boone's department store, which was located on the east side of the Court Square. It is not known exactly when the photo was taken, but the men in the store are, from left, S.G. Dukes,…

Today, in 1986, Newnan downtown merchants and government officials are talking about starting a Main Street program to keep the downtown vital and alive, a place where people will continue to work, shop and do business. Many of the buildings in this…

J.A. Latimer Company once occupied the building at 14 Jackson St. in downtown Newnan where Badcock Home Furnishings is located today. In this photograph of the shop department in the back of the building are Monroe McKoy, Walter Phillips, Harold…

This old photograph shows the interior of Ellis Mansour's Department Store in 1918 on the Court Square in a building later occupied by Hamilton and Company. According to a brief history in the Newnan Times-Herald Centennial Magazine, the dry goods…

The Reynold's Furniture store at 31 South Court Square in downtown Newnan has changed its look but is still serving customer 50 years after this photo was taken in the late 1930s. In this view of the G.M. Reynold Furniture Company are, left to right,…

CCR 1985.10.15.jpg
Many local residents thinking back to their childhood will remember the old Gem Theatre on the west side of the Court Square in downtown Newnan. This photo shows the old theatre and the adjacent buildings. Located to the south were Walter R. Thomas…

CCR 1985.08.27.jpg
A half century after the War Between the States, Coweta County still had a good number of veterans of the conflict between the blue and gray. The man on the far right on the front row, holding a stick, is Abe Keith, whose wife, "Aunt" Ella Keith,…

CCR 1985.08.20.jpg
In the 1980s the "fundmeters" on the Newnan Court Square are for the United Way fund drive, but in the 1940s during World War II the need was for war bonds. This photograph shows citizens gathered in front of the meter showing over-the-top war bond…
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