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This group photo shows one of Coweta county's families about 1940. Gathered around A.J. "Berry" Murphy and his wife Etna Belinda Carter Murphy are their children, in-laws and grandchildren at the A.J. Murphy Home. It is provided by Lena Latimer…

This is the second of two group photos provided by Lena Latimer Murphy (Mrs. Hewlette C. Murphy), showing the old A.J. "Berry" Murphy home place. A picture of the family in the 1940s was published November 10, 1987. The home, still standing, is on…

This young man and wife married in the 1930s of Coweta County are shown during their honeymoon. Hewlette Carter Murphy and Lena Latimer were married June 20, 1937 at the Coweta Circuit Parsonage on East Broad Street. Mt. Carmel Methodist was Miss…
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